In Honor Of:

  • All Law & Military Personnel by American Citizen
  • Changed Lives Volunteers by Dallas Gibbons, Trena Holladay
  • Dallas Haden Gibbons by Mary Roser, Gena Latimer-Smith
  • Trena Holladay by Mary Roser
  • Maxine Lee by Mary Roser
  • Virginia Lee by Louis Lee
  • Judy Johnston Maxey by Stacy Maxey

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In Memory Of:

  • Mary Benton by Changed Lives
  • Peggy Bizzell by Harriett & Robert Berman, Changed Lives, Wilma Dietzen, Dallas Gibbons, Trena Holladay
  • Changed Lives Volunteers by Dallas Gibbons, Trena Holladay
  • Sam Chester by Nancy & Gerry Klein
  • Albert & Winnie Crouch by Angela & Rick Mitchell
  • Jerry & Jack Crouch by Angela & Rick Mitchell
  • Clara Davenport by Darlene Lane-Detman, Rachael Reagan
  • Gaston L Foskey by Velma Mason
  • Ben Haden by Marye Anne Sibold
  • Ben & Charlyne Haden by Mary Roser
  • Rose Mary Harbour by Holly Dale
  • Bonnie Huffer by The Pebleys
  • Larry Jones by Wilma Dietzen
  • Glenn W. McCall, Sr. and Betty Clevelend McCall by G. Wesley McCall, Jr.
  • Margaret Miles by Dr/Mrs Jerry Sanders, Mr/Mrs Bob Shomaker
  • Flowerree Patten Whitaker Oakes by June & Steven Bowling, Changed Lives, Wilma Dietzen, David Doster, Charley & Bea Hicks, Mr/Mrs George Kerr, Doris Mantooth, Mindy Merrell, Nancy Mills, Kyle & Misty Mingo, Richard B Quinn, Kitty Stone, Hazel Trotter
  • T Ramon Perdue by Trudy Perdue
  • Dean Petty by Catherine Brock, Charlotte Brown, Greyson Brown, Mr/Mrs Sam Campbell, Changed Lives, Dolores Cooley, Wilma Dietzen, Julie Fisher, Dr/Mrs Larry Fogo, Dallas Gibbons, Joyce Hill, Trena Holladay, Mary & John McGee, Nancy Mills, Jane R Morgan, Mr/Mrs Scott Probasco III, Mr/Mrs Taylor Stein, Amy & Jamie Thomas, Tony & Tammy Vona, Mr/Mrs Philip Whitaker
  • Andy Pitts by Nancy Patch
  • Dot Sertel by Changed Lives, Frances E Dodd, Nancy & Gerry Klein, Dr/Mrs Robert C Taylor
  • Mr. James C. Sheehan by Mary Roser
  • Mary Wright by T. Walter & Joan Brown, Changed Lives, Joe & Carolyn Cofer, Mary Coleman, Sharon, Kevin, Heather & Sarah Critz, Dallas Gibbons, Trena Holladay, Rosemary Mosteller, Peter Mullady, Ann & Phil Williams
  • Gerald L Young by Changed Lives, Dallas & Arthur Gibbons, Trena & Tim Holladay

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